My name is James Lynn Julian, Jim Julian generally.
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from
East Tennessee State University in 1985.
I minored in Electronic Engineering Technology.
Among other things, I spent five years were spent working at a large multi-national electronics manufacturing company from Texas (known for their calculators).
I am self-taught in many areas, some law, residential construction, artistic anatomy, digital Cartography, and digital imaging (HDR) . I have also spent some effort extending my existing knowledge in music, art, engineering, psychology, mathematics, computer science.
I’m single and with no children (as yet).
Walking, hiking, backpacking, jogging (weekend road races – 10k), climbing-rapelling are previous pastimes.
Both musical composition and performance are both interests. Rock&Roll, Bluegrass, Classical, & “other” among
the styles in my repertoir. I cook, enjoy wine occasionally and on rare occasions visit the Art Museum at the local university (my Alma Mater)

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