Primarily Carter County,Tennessee, and the Environs

Carter County Tennessee Tax Assessor’s Grid Map.
Online software to lcate and identify the combination of letter and number that identifies the lot of interest. Take the pair to the Carter County Tax Assessor’s Office and the clerks will be able to show you a map of the area .
This Java application is from ALOV.
I’ve added my data to the engine.
USGS Quads
A Guide to the U.S.G.S. Quadrangles for Carter County, TN
The U.S.G.S. divided the nation into seven and one-half degree quadrangles to make mapping the country easier to manage. Sixteen quads encompass all of Cater County. This guide will help you specify and locate maps in the federal government’s mapping system. Topographic maps, Digital Elevation Maps, DOQ (Digital Orthorectified Quadrangle – aerial photograph) maps are freely available to the general public at some places on the internet. If you need paper maps, you will have to pay if the map is available. Some will not be. The file is an Acrobat PDF document. Most computers have the reader available. This is an online version
Logos as Font Characters
A useful skill is construction of a logo as a font/typeface character (from images). An example is the Appalachian Trail sign used on the the trail. Another is the Overmountain Victory Historical Trail logo. Use of such logos on maps speeds up recognition and the search for landmarks.
  Tennessee State Plane Coordinate System
The digitized version of a diagram illustrating the Tennessee State Plane Coordinate System. The original is in the Tennessee Surveyor’s Handbook.This is also in Acrobat PDF form.

Style Studies 
One of the things I’ve done is re-create a particular style of paper map on the computer in digital form. Some of the older maps use techniques long since replaced by modern machine drawn features. One of these features is the use of contour lines, associated with topographic maps, along shorelines. 
Others include style-studies of contemporary paper
map producers such as TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) maps.


Grid Generators
Some software programs to make grids in lat-lon format and Tennessee State Plane format. The programs were written using Visual Basic 6 and additional utilities from the internet. The output format is the ESRI shapefile format used in ESRI’s Arcview 3.2a cartography software.I also have the Carter County Tax Grid in Arcview shapefile format. Choose between the 
Tennessee State Plane projection 
or the 
GCS – Geographic Coordinate System(latitude-longitude) format

  Deed Search for a 100 year old Afro-American Cemetery
In 1915 a survey was conducted and the result erroneously specifies points as corners to the cemetery property.


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