Daymet and NCDC’s CLimb81 and Coop Precip data

  DAYMET data – www.daymet.orgThe Daymet Point data includes Year, DayofYear, Day’s Temp, Tmax, Tmin, SRAD, VPD, and Seconds in the Day. The data is interpolated from samples and is the result of the work of Peter E. Thornton, PhD. The data can be downloaded from in any one of several forms and covers the period from 1980 to 1997. 
The package here contains Matlab scripts to extract and format Point data. An executable program is included that automates large numbers of data downloads by specifying the latitude and longitude boundaries and increments. font>

Matlab plot of Daymet Temp data
DAYMET data downloader software 
The program automates the download of a large number of points and uses latitude and longitude to bracket the area. Increments are set at tenths of a degree. The program will not work while Javascript is running. The only proven method is to make this the only program using webpages during the download, preferably overnight. No extensive testing has been done except for the opening set of parameters. No problam was encountered until a program using Javascript simultaneously, was run. The downloader crashed. 
The program was written using Rapid-Q, a variant on the Basic language. The basis for the program was the duplication or manipulation of the server request made by the Daymet webpage. As long as that code is viable, so is this program. Needless to say, no liability is presumed. Use at your own risk, etc., etc.

The Daymet Data Downloader
CLIMB81 – Coop Precip – NCDC
The CLIMB81 / Coop Precip data is from the NOAA-NCDC government site. The scripts for data extraction and manipulation are in the same package as the Daymet Matlab scripts. The data is in text format suitable for constructing a table and covers 1961-1990. There are Three temperature files, minimum, maximum, and mean(average) with data of four types: estimated,medians, normals, and standard dev.
Download both *.dat and *.def files, the *.def files define the spacing in fixed space format. Also download the Sation List. The stations are the first field in the data files.
Coop Precip – the record of precipitation for the known historical record is included with reports dating back to 1900 with most beginning around 1948. The most current are 1997 reports. There is a reader script for Matlab, but not a plotter. The figure to the right is the Daymet data downloader.
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