Occasionally, a text oriented cryptographer is useful. What is available is a file crypto set, a line-oriented text crypto set and an HTML file that uses the same algorithm in vbscript language, the HTML file was located on the internet All files use the AES Rijndael algorithm. The execs were compiled on Visual Basic 6

The line-oriented set includes a general encoder, a line-length compiler, and a decoder that takes two inputs. The first number represents the first line number of the range to be extracted and the second number is the number of lines to be extracted.Run the line_length compiler first.

The second is a general encoder-decoder. Any file will be encrypted using the Rijndael algorithm, and decrypted using the encoder. Images, text, programs, all have been tested and work.

The last item is an HTML webpage that uses vbscript to include an encoder-decoder in the webpage. If the webpage is downloadable or the HTML source is :viewable”, then the page and code can be hacked, and therefore made useless.

Most of the code is derived from the work of Michael Scott.


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