Scanner Portraits



Scanner Portraits – If the light
in a scanner is removed or otherwise disabled, a strong available
light will make an image on the scanner. Leaving the light in may work as well.
Given the strength of sunlight, I don’t think the interioir light will overpower the sunlight.
Lamps and sunlight were both used to make the images here.
Note the distortion in the proportions of the portraits.
The distortion seems to be in the long axis of the scanner bed.
A simple shrink/resize/resample of the long (height) dimnesion of the scanner image
will aid in restoring natural proportions.
The apparent linear stretch is reminiscent of a map projection.
I’m sure a mathematical formula can be used to restore the proportions, I have no
idea what the formula is though, and the item is not high on my list of priorities..
Find an image editor/browser such as Irfanview or XnView that allow
resizing of width and height independently. Look for an Aspect Ratio checkbox.
My particular scanner had the lamp removed for other work when these were made. The orange color
indicates sunlight was used. The scanner is sensitive to local color reflections. What appears as sunlight
is, if indirect as it should be, will contain colors from one or more reflecting surfaces.
Taking the scanner onto my front porch (two white walls) helped act as a color correction.
Trial and Error result in an acceptable image Histogram adjustment is useful.
All of the images below have undergone histogram-resize modifications.



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